Dealership employee allegedly takes customer’s $97,000 Camaro for joyride, totaled

Dealership employee allegedly takes customer’s ,000 Camaro for joyride, totaled

DARIEN, Conn. (WKRC) – A dealership employee allegedly took a ride in a customer’s $97,000 Camaro, resulting in the car being totaled.

According to Jalopnik, a Connecticut car dealership is facing legal action after one of its service advisors allegedly took a customer’s Chevy Camaro for a joyride and crashed it. According to the outlet, which cites a report from Automotive News, Kenny Habul brought his supercharged Camaro ZL1E Hendrick Edition to H&L Chevrolet in Darien, Connecticut, with instructions that his vehicle was not to leave the lot.

Automotive news reported that a service advisor and another employee were accused of driving the Camaro onto the highway and pushing the powerful American muscle car to nearly 90 mph. The publication reported that at one point, the Camaro veered out of the center lane and struck a guardrail. The crash cost the vehicle, which had recently been valued at $97,000, per Automotive news.

According to Jalopnik, Habul had taken his Camaro to the dealership in January because it wouldn’t start. Citing a negligence and recklessness lawsuit filed in Stamford District Superior Court, Jalopnik reported that Habul told the dealership that “under no circumstances was an employee to remove the vehicle from the lot.”

Per Automotive newsThe consultant who was allegedly driving the vehicle was issued a ticket for failing to stay in his lane. According to the publication, which cites the May 31 complaint, the Camaro’s factory track data recorder reportedly reveals that in the moments immediately before the crash, the employee “revved up the engine and lost control of the high-performance vehicle he was not supposed to be driving.”

The lawsuit alleges that the dealership is liable as the service advisor’s employer and seeks punitive and punitive damages, Jalopnik reports.