Prabhas’ fans flood Ma Dong-Seok’s Instagram account after rumors of casting in Vanga’s film

Prabhas’ fans flood Ma Dong-Seok’s Instagram account after rumors of casting in Vanga’s film

Spirit: Prabhas’ fans have already expressed their excitement on Ma Dong Seok/Don Lee’s official Instagram account after rumors surfaced that he would be cast as a villain in the film

Ma Dong-Seok receives immense love from Prabhas fans

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Ma Dong-Seok has worked in Train To Busan and Badland Hunters Image: Instagram

Prabhas’ fans are on cloud nine after the huge success of Kalki 2898 AD. Nag Ashwin’s sci-fi dystopian film with its roots in Indian mythology has been getting a lot of love from everyone. The next one is The Raja Saab with Maruthi starring Malavika Mohanan as the female lead. But all eyes are on Spirit now. Since a few days, there have been rumours that Ma Dong-Seok will be the main villain in Prabhas’ Spirit. The story is about a tough cop but it apparently has a Japanese-Korean angle. The makers might have got the idea after seeing Prabhas’ craze in Japan. Salaar had a huge opening there.

Ever since the rumors of Ma Dong-Seok joining Spirit started doing the rounds, Prabhas’ fans have flooded his social media account. He goes by the moniker Korean Balayya. They left comments like, “Indian movie is waiting for you” and “Please star in Spirit movie, Sandeep Vanga is the director.” We don’t know if Ma Dong-Seok is aware of the frenzy that the rumor has unleashed. Fans in India know him from his work in Round Up, Badland Hunters and the cult zombie film Train To Busan. He is a Korean-American actor who was previously a sportsman. Ma Dong-Seok has also worked in a few Hollywood productions like Marvel’s Eternals. He is also known as Don Lee.

Prabhas’ fans love Don Lee

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Prabhas’ fans are now insisting that Sandeep Reddy Vanga is living up to the rumour. Initially, there were reports that Prabhas would be doing a long schedule in Mumbai near Chembur. But Spirit will now apparently go on floors only in December. Prabhas was busy with Kalki 2898 AD, the post-production of which has continued till March 2024. Sandeep Reddy Vanga is on a high after the super success of Animal, which grossed over Rs 900 crore worldwide.

The film received extreme backlash for its violence, misogyny and hyper-sexual elements. Sandeep Reddy Vanga was trending on social media for almost a month. Prabhas is literally the darling of all the top South Indian filmmakers. We are sure that Ma Dong-Seok and Prabhas’s stans will go ballistic if Vanga confirms the news.