Tesla Is Contacting Cybertruck Owners to Replace Their Engines | Lega Nerd

Tesla Is Contacting Cybertruck Owners to Replace Their Engines |  Lega Nerd

Teslathe famous American car manufacturer based in Texas and more precisely in Austin, seems to have started contacting those who have purchased the famous car of the future, namely the Cybertruck. The reason? Updating electric motors of this car with new versions considered more efficient and at the same time reliable.

This news was reported precisely by Electrek, according to which the aforementioned company would have told those who purchased the aforementioned car model a little over a year ago, that these engine updates would be part of a study. However, specifying that the vehicles driven by them are to be considered absolutely safe.

Why Tesla Wants to Upgrade Cybertruck Engines

I Cybertruck have had to face recalls over time for a series of different problems. First of all for the particularly sunken frunks, then for problems with the stuck pedals and faulty brakes and therefore also dangerous. And it doesn’t end there, various problems have affected these particular cars of the future, for example also the large broken windshield wipers.

Tesla Cybertruck: The Unprecedented Innovation

Now we’re talking about the engine, but it should be emphasized that in this case we are not talking about a real “recall” but rather an update. However, little information has emerged on the issue. In fact, it is not clear, and therefore it is not possible to define with certainty, whether the update will concern the front or rear engines.

Furthermore, it does not even seem to be clear exactly how many owners of the vehicle are in question, and more precisely of the modello Foundation Series Costing a whopping $20,000 more than the regular models, the company called in to perform the update. It should be noted, however, that vehicle owners will not have to face any costs. Just as usually happens with recalls, the company takes responsibility for everything. And therefore also for the costs to be sustained.